Emmett Shankle

Speaker / Consultant

Our speaker today loves a good joke.

Emmett Shankle is a graduate of the University of Texas at Tyler. He is a published author, an award-winning speaker (1st place Eastern Division of Toastmaster’s International), and world champion of poetry (Famous Poet Society). Shankle is the Director of Martial Arts for Letourneau University, where he teaches anti-bullying and kidnap prevention summer camps. He has a black belt, with over 30 years of training, and took 4th place in the National Karate Championships.

Shankle provides public safety presentations on situational awareness, Cooper’s Color Code, and more.  Emmett travels to schools, government agencies, churches, and detention centers to inspire others.  Shankle talks about his traumatic birth that led to a condition called Erb’s Palsy. He began acting and modeling to empower young people to pursue their passion.  Emmett believes that different does not mean inferior.  This former social worker turns school assemblies into concerts by fusing pop culture with subject matter from academia. Shankle uses his unique writing ability to tell stories. His poetry is so emotionally powerful that audiences have been known to shed tears within seconds of his delivery.

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