Gina Konganda

CEO / President

Ms. Konganda is well-known in the industry for her business acumen, leadership, client management expertise and vast network of architects, engineers and construction(AEC) business partners, owners and managers. With two decades of experience in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry, Ms. Konganda has held key leadership, business development and marketing roles all three sectors of the AEC industry.

In addition to her ability to build and lead teams, Ms. Konganda has that unique knack that successful business developers have in being able to recognize business intelligence and connect that information at the right time to the right people to spark opportunity. A firm believer in collaborative partnerships, she is a valued team member in project pursuits and understands the value that quality, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service play in developing a team that can win.

Ms. Konganda credits her success to the mentorship of dynamic leaders who guided her growth from business developer to principal/owner. Recognizing the value of these relationships, Ms. Konganda reintroduced the mentor/protégé program to the Dallas chapter of SMPS, offering individuals an opportunity to grow their careers while simultaneously allowing established professionals to train the next generation of leaders.

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