Houston Green

Structures and Mechanism Engineer

Houston Green is a 2020 UT Tyler Houston Engineering Center graduate working in the space industry. He is currently designing the new Active Response Gravity Offload System 3 (ARGOS 3) for human spaceflight exploration at NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX. ARGOS 3 will simulate reduced gravity environments for extra-vehicular activities (space walks) and lunar/Martian surface exploration/operations.

After serving in the US Air Force as a meteorologist, Houston has worked in aerospace, offshore drilling, and private military. He grew up farming wheat and raising cattle in southwest Oklahoma.

His short term professional goals are to successfully build and test ARGOS 3, and to and obtain his ASME certification in Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing. Houston is a professional sponsor for two Texas Space Grant Consortium Teams, one of which is from UT Tyler Houston Engineering Center.

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