John Karamanos

President, HVAC Manufacturing & Technology

John Karamanos
HVAC Manufacturing & Technology

Throughout his 30 years of experience in building technologies and as a serial entrepreneur, John Karamanos has held positions in sales, engineering, and executive management at prestigious companies including United Technologies, YORK/JCI, US Filter, Vivendi, AMT, BEST Technologies, and HVAC Manufacturing and Technology. He has resided on numerous boards and has been involved with many charitable organizations.   As a successful self-made entrepreneur and experienced innovator, John currently holds over 40 successfully issued patents, numerous trademarks, and has additional patent applications pending. Experienced not only in building and operating results based on B2B, but also a brilliant strategic collaborator, which has allowed JK to build a substantial network of successful advisers.  John understands what it means to start with nothing but an idea and turn it into a disruptive, world-changing reality. He was the first person in his family to graduate from grade school and then college. He worked full time in construction while obtaining, all with honors, an Associate’s degree in Climate control Engineering, certificates in Air Conditioning, Climate Control, Refrigeration, and Advanced Controls, a Bachelor of Science, and a MBA from SJSU.   John firmly believes in continuous improvement with an “outside of the box” mentality. His vision and motivation are to continue changing the world with the ideas deemed “too crazy” to even be considered.   While JK is disrupting industries and running several companies, he stays actively involved with many charitable organizations. He is married with three children. 

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