Jose Feliciano


As the eldest son deaf-mute parents, Jose grew up quickly. Learning sign language was a necessity in order to communicate clearly with his parents; mastering leadership skills was inevitable in order to represent them well. These early-acquired attributes enabled Jose to help raise his younger siblings, and, later, foster the growth of employees and entrepreneurs across America.

Jose Feliciano is the Founder and President of Feliciano Financial and the co-founder of the 2 Hour House company. He created his holistic wealth management practice to reflect the characteristics he values most: honest work, inspiring greatness in others and connecting people to their passion.

As a speaker, Jose’s experiences have led him to share his inspiring story worldwide. He encourages his audience to live their life on purpose and not only to believe, but to know, that anything is possible.

As the author of 4 books including the Amazon #1 best seller, 2-Hour House & Passion for Possibility, Jose continues to lead others to success with his commonsense approach to begin with the end in mind and to “Just Be.”

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