Kelley Gerwig

Business Partner, Co-Author, Speaker, Coach

Our Speaker today, Kelley Gerwig, has built her own strong professional brand by taking on responsibility with integrity and creativity, establishing herself as someone who gets the job done “ON TIME, EVERY TIME”, during her 30+ year career.

Kelley’s professional experiences include international and domestic business development for two Fortune 500 companies and as owner of DeVine Organic Growers – a certified organic farm growing Tropical Dragonfruit.

As a writer and speaker, Kelley deliver tools to support high-potential professionals as they seek to develop, prove, and communicate a standout brand with VALUE as their foundation. Using humor and candid insights from her own professional life, she co-authored two books focused on teaching others how to handle professional challenges, difficult personalities, as well as how to naturally and authentically present your true professional value in all situations. As a natural problem solver, Ms. Gerwig has reduced the complexities of branding and career management into simple processes allowing you to build a 100% authentic brand that will naturally grow as you grow professionally.

In collaboration with her business partner, co-author and co-presenter, Gail D. Johnson, MBA, they write books and blogs, and develop workshops – available both in-person and online.  Their workshops train ambitious individuals how to build a detour-ready career using their Individual Professional Brand through their company – Your Standout Brand.

At Your Standout Brand, we believe everyone has value.  So, it is our mission to teach the HOW TOs of uncovering, proving, and communicating your own professional value and brand, as well as creating a value-focused mindset.

Kelley Gerwig

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