Kim Beckham


Kim Beckham is a speaker, leader, coach, and lifelong learner who has been leading people to success for over 40 years. He is a published author and is currently working on his third book due to be published in 2019. Kim has a passion for the development of leaders and has a thriving personal coaching business as a John Maxwell certified coach. He also is a sought-after speaker at corporate events. He is entering the third year of offering a leadership training class called What I Know Works.

The class has grown to over twenty-five paying participants in its third year due the phenomenal results people were seeing in their professional and private lives. Kim has been happily married to Barbara Beckham for 46 years and they have two lovely daughters Jessica and Amanda, two fine son-in-laws, and four above average grandchildren. Kim will make you think, help you dream, and teach you to believe in yourself.


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