Megan Tarrant


Megan Tarrant is CEO of Clements Fluids, a second-generation family-owned oil and gas service company based in Tyler, Texas. The company was started by Megan’s parents, Mike and Donna Clements in 1985 in Henderson, Texas.

Today, the company has expanded to a total of 10 facilities located in Henderson, TX, Buffalo, TX, Minden, LA, Mansfield, LA, San Augustine, TX, Charlotte, TX, Pecos, TX, Barnhart, TX, Midland, TX and Oklahoma City, OK. It is a leading provider of Workover, Completion, Drilling Fluids, Loss Circulation Pills and Liquid Mud in the East Texas and North Louisiana markets. With a capacity of hundreds of thousands of barrels of fluids, Clements Fluids is the largest supplier of brines and liquid mud in the South-central United States.

Megan graduated from UT Tyler with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting in 2007. She is passionate about her family and seeing that Clements Fluids lives it’s mission every day, which is to “empower our families and customers to succeed, through intentional relationships and quality service.”


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