Michael Burks

Senior Associate

Late in Michael Burks’ life, he started realizing he was a complete mess. He was unemployed, facing reposition and contemplating bankruptcy. His confidence was shot and was ready to give up. Every day Mr. Michael Burks struggled just to get out of bed and every morning the alarm clock would ring and he knew he should get up but anxiety rushed in and he would hit the snooze button instead. He was defeated by his own defeated thinking and always telling himself….”how was I supposed to achieve anything. I mean look at my life”.

Quote by Michael Burks:

“I was the son of Two drug and alcohol abusing parents

I was homeless and a high school dropout at 17 yrs old

I didn’t know my real father until I was 31

I was mentally, emotionally and physically abused well into my adult years

I was an underachiever and fearful that I’d never amount to anything like people told me.

It was not until my wife starting getting ill and my 18 year old daughter made that call to inform me she had leukemia that I made a decision to live in my purpose. Now….

I am a 2x award winning author

I am a speaker I the owner of my own consulting company

I am a father and husband

I am a success

I am Mike Burks”

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