Tiffany Currie

Project Engineer

Our speaker today, Tiffany Currie, has 12 years of civil engineering experience in a wide variety of disciplines including civil site design for large mixed use developments, Water and Wastewater treatment plant design and construction; Wastewater pump station design and construction; and Stormwater drainage system design.

Additionally, she holds vast experience with small commercial sites as well as Energy conservation and efficiency measures for Water and Wastewater Treatment facilities. She understands how to collaborate with suppliers, stakeholders and partners to achieve key performance goals through strategic plans and operational assessments.

During her career, she has led efforts to reduce overall energy spent for a municipal water district through innovative procurement strategies as well as conservation and efficiency projects resulting in significant cost savings. Tiffany’s past clients appreciate her ability to manage complex multistep systems accurately and efficiency.

Prior to joining Adams, Tiffany worked for the North Texas Municipal Water District to promote optimal business processes and integrate energy efficient practices across a wide range of facilities including water, wastewater treatment plants, pump stations and landfills. Through collaboration with suppliers, stakeholders and partners she monitored progress toward key performance goals through the development of strategic plans, and operational assessments.

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