Todd Martin

Project Engineer

I am currently a Project Engineer at Adams Engineering & Development Consultants in Tyler, TX and have over four years of experience within the Civil Engineering industry. I am a UT Tyler Alumni (Class of 2018). However, my academic career is a bit unique. Prior to my time at UT Tyler, I attended Texas A&M University, where I received my first baccalaureate degree in Environmental Geosciences. I spent over four years of hard work pursuing a career path in the Environmental Science industry to eventually learn in the semester leading up to graduation that I did not want to spend the rest of my life in that career.

This led me to UT Tyler where I spent the next three years earning my second baccalaureate degree in Civil Engineering. My academic career is unique in that it involved a total of seven years and two independent baccalaureate degrees. However, the past few years of my professional career have proven that the extra time and extra degree were not for waste. I am now able to utilize knowledge and experience from both industries in my growth as an engineer, ultimately fueling greater versatility.


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